The End of the Password - Can we have Convenience AND Security?

Recorded Webcast

Presented by:
Teresa Law, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Jamie Manuel, Sr. Marketing Manager

Webcast Summary:
If you search the term ‘password vulnerabilities’, you’ll see why passwords are considered the weak link in your security strategy, making your organization’s data vulnerable to attackers. They can also be frustrating for end users because as concerns of a breach increase we tend to add more password requirements to increase security. Users are required to change their passwords more often, remember different passwords for different applications and use different special character combinations in each case. It’s incredibly inconvenient but unfortunately, we need passwords – or do we?

What if there was a way to increase security, make it very convenient for your organization and completely eliminate the password? There is, and we’ll show you. Join this webcast to see how Symantec can help your organization:

  1. Maintain strong multi-factor authentication for your vulnerable applications

  2. Enable secure access to data from anywhere

  3. Cut operating costs and lessen IT burdens

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